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About Us


   We are an ambitious, experienced company with a dynamic development, which itself in the market of Latvia has applied for already 20 years ago. We are not conservative, but we keep our traditions the same passionate and responsible attitude to every product and service quality as the first working day. We go along with time and sometimes even ahead of it to offer in the right place and right time, not let our clients to wait. It is not based on a simple success or supernatural ability to anticipate the future, but rather qualified, creative staff and the ability to hear the customer. Our team operates various profiles specialists with a great work experience and, at the same time welcome new employees to new ideas without hampering their growth.


    To our customers we have proven ourselves as good friends, which you can ask any question at any time of the day, the companions - as a reliable partner with great potential for development. We are not trying at any price to beat competitors, but our healthy ambitions allows develop ourselves and those who alongside.

    Company Sabina-S activity promotes to the Riga city infrastructure growth, social integration, providing residents of Riga with jobs, youth with a civilized employment and leisure uses.

pinSabina-S, Sturmanu 31c, Riga, Latvia.
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